The Devil's Jumps Clog, History.........


Devil’s Jumps Clog was formed in 1984 by Lynn Colbeck and others.  The intention was to encourage dancers to come and learn various step clog dances.  These dances were either already known by Lynn or other members of the group or learnt by members attending workshops around the country.  We have also written some dances ourselves and choregraphed old favourites. Devil’s Jumps is a club which means that all members are involved in the teaching/learning/performance design process.

Having learnt the dances, we like to perform them. Over the years we have performed at a huge variety of events and festivals including in the early days at the Portsmouth Music Festival and Chippenham Folk Festival, then later on at Aubergenville, France (several years running) and more recently Swanage and Wimborne Folk Festivals.  In between we have danced at small Fetes, Schools and Rest Homes.

After 35 years we still pursue the principles of the original founders of the club. I.e. we belong to the group for the enjoyment of learning dances and performing them to what we hope are appreciative audiences. At the same time, we are hoping to keep alive this very English folk tradition in dancing and music.